úterý 1. prosince 2015

info cavixo

Dear Publisher,

We would like to thank you for joining cavixoapp.com.

Because our goal is to make your live easier we would like to inform you that we made the billing automatically.

To ensure that we will pay you on time, please fill all your billing information. After login you can see orange notification, or you can directly jump to https://www.cavixoapp.com/client/user/profile/

If you will have an issue with filling, please contact us through a chat on your dashboard in cavixoapp.com.

Because all SSPs moved their invoice due date on 60 days we would like to inform you that if you are a publisher with a revenue under 2.500 USD your invoice due date is still 30 days.

Every other partner with revenue higher than 2.500 USD will be contacted individually.

Kind regards,

Jan Strachota

Business Development Manager

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